Isaias Post-Event Impact Summary

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The post-event impact summary report for Isaias is now available to all users in EIgenPrism. The report template contains past max winds, storm surge and excessive rainfall footprints. 

EigenPrism users can copy the template report and apply it to their own exposure:

  • Open the impact summary report – SAMPLE Isaias 2020 Post-Event Impact Summary
  • or, search for the “SAMPLE Isaias 2020 Post-Event Impact Summary” on the EigenPrism home page
  • then click Manage > Copy to select your workspace and save with your own exposure

Please note, as report templates are frequently updated, you can refresh the report by changing the Analysis Date. See instructions here.

KatRisk Isaias 2020 Flood Inundation Footprint
KatRisk Isaias 2020

In addition to the past wind, storm surge and rainfall footprints, KatRisk Isaias 2020 Inland Flood inundation footprints and KatRisk Windspeed footprints are available in the real-time event catalogue for clients who have subscribed to KatRisk‘s post-event data (note; these footprints are updated as additional information becomes available).

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