EigenRisk (pronounced “eye-ghen-risk”) was founded in 2014 with the mission to help risk managers, brokers and insurers better plan, monitor and respond to natural catastrophes worldwide.

Our customers, spanning four continents, use EigenPrism, our software-as-a-service platform, every day to lower their cost of risk, improve their operating efficiency and build stronger relationships with their colleagues, clients and counter-parties.

Why EigenPrism?

There is a significant gap between the potential and the implementation of analytics in catastrophe risk management.

For most in the risk management and insurance community, catastrophe risk analytics is still associated with “running the models,” typically an annual exercise involving:

  • static exposure snapshots,
  • questionable data quality,
  • manually-intensive processes, and
  • disconnected one-off tools.

Useful data sits trapped inside spreadsheets or complex modeling databases. Reports take days to generate and follow-up questions go unanswered due to time-constraints. As a consequence, analytics is still mostly under-utilized in risk management decisions.

EigenPrism brings catastrophe risk analytics closer to the point of decision making.

EigenPrism was designed from the ground-up to help users gain control over all their catastrophe data, analytics and reporting in a single environment. Users can:

  • Manage exposure data, either manually or via APIs
  • Access connected analytical modules anywhere, anytime
  • Configure alerts and automated reports for efficiency
  • Share their data, visuals, insights or reports with colleagues and counter-parties

As a result, users are empowered to make faster, smarter decisions during live events, insurance renewals or strategic planning exercises.



To help our customers plan, monitor and respond to natural catastrophes anywhere in the world.


To create the most complete technology platform for all data, analytics and reporting needed to manage global catastrophe risk.


  • We are passionate about building great products that solve real problems for our customers, the more difficult the better.
  • We demonstrate integrity, humility and open-mindedness in our interactions with colleagues, customers and partners alike.
  • We measure success by how well we work with our colleagues and how often we wow our customers.




Based in Berkeley, California, KatRisk has flood hazard risk maps for the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and 15 countries in Asia, as well as US Storm Surge, Atlantic Basin Hurricane and Asia Typhoon models.  The firm is currently adding flood hazard risk maps for Australia and New Zealand.
Website: http://www.katrisk.com

Meteorological Connections, LLC provides tailored worldwide GIS-based weather analysis and forecasts for agricultural and energy assessments based on all available weather observations, satellite-derived precipitation estimates and vegetation indices, the mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and the NOAA Global Forecast System (GFS) model information.
Website: http://www.mymetcon.com

Hurricane Mapping
A service of Sea Island Software, Inc., HurricaneMapping.com provides live hurricane, tropical storm, and typhoon tracking data as well as a historical storm archive. The firm’s datasets contain many advanced map layers to help analyze storm threats, as well as tools for map preparation.
Website: https://hurricanemapping.com

We are always on the look out for strategic alliances with risk modelers, data providers and integration service providers. We can help you reach new markets and unlock the value of your data and models in a radically new paradigm. Our clients benefit from having more choices and broader coverage.

  • Risk Modelers and Data Providers: Reach new markets and discover new business applications for your models and underlying data. Help us build a truly open platform that empowers our customers and contributors alike.
  • Integration Service Partners: Leverage our highly extensible framework to bring speed-of-thought analytics to your solution design for customers. Uncover new opportunities to better serve your existing customers.

Interested in becoming a partner?