Speed-of-Thought Analytics

Identify, analyze and communicate your exposed risk in a single environment. You no longer need to switch between bespoke tools and spreadsheets.

Meeting Your Needs

Common concerns include:

  • Poor data quality impacts modeling results
  • Opaque model results are challenging to understand and communicate
  • Difficult to evaluate what-if scenarios and risk transfer options
  • Report generation is time consuming, error prone


Modules include:

  • Exposure Analytics – understand your raw exposure before running any models
  • Deterministic Loss Analytics – by importing your own footprint, or by using an extensive library of event footprints published by our modeling partners
  • Program Builder & Technical Pricing – model an insurance or facultative reinsurance program to test adequacy of limits, retentions
  • Network Analytics – model exposure to global events at different tiers of the supply chain


EigenPrism workflow:

  • Develop intuition around your exposure data, not colored by third-party opinions
  • Visualize trends and drivers of risk
  • A customized, scalable resource; obtain and use only those modules that specifically meet your needs

Designed for executive level reporting, EigenProfile is a powerful reporting and dashboards module. Measure, monitor and communicate the most current risk and insurance specific business metrics with a few clicks.

  • EigenProfile will soon be released as a Mobile app for tablets!

EigenRover is our scenario modeling engine. It helps us run thousands of scenarios in seconds, with a single click, to illustrate understand drivers, changes and trends. And new capabilities are being added to EigenRover, such as probabilistic analysis.

  • The EigenRisk team share our passion for leveraging advances in risk analytics to really empower and inform timely decision-making, whether our own, our clients or that of our markets, and we’ve been impressed by their collaborative approach. EigenPrism addresses a gap in the market for large corporate and multinational accounts which require an efficient and timely analysis of their exposure to natural catastrophes and we look forward to working with the team.

    Derek Thumble Managing Partner
To learn more about the features and benefits offered, please download our Fact Sheet.


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