Dynamic Data Management

Consolidate, manage and visualize all of your exposure and loss data, with our powerful data warehouse

Meeting Your Needs

Issues with traditional workflows include:

  • Useful data is buried in spreadsheets or complex modeling databases
  • Multiple data formats require intensive manual processing
  • Static data snapshots are quickly out-dated
  • Rigid data models offer an incomplete view of risk
  • Multiple versions of truth create errors and omissions


Modules include:

  • EigenExpress– Import, geo-code, augment, export and share exposure data.  Incrementally update with changes to assets or contracts over time, and generate exposure snapshots for analysis on the fly.
  • Program Builder– Create an insurance program in minutes including all layers and shares,markets,  premiums, and complex coverage terms and conditions. Easily update, compare, report and share.
  • Data Integration APIs – Automate movement of data between your systems and EigenPrism, to ensure you always have the most current data for your analytics and reporting.


EigenPrism’s data management capabilities help our clients to:

  • Reduce errors and omissions with consistent and current view of risk
  • Increase operational efficiency by eliminating redundant tools and automating manual processes
  • Improve relationships via easier/faster collaboration with clients, colleagues and counter-parties
  • We have seen first-hand how the [EigenPrism] platform enables our brokers and consultants to analyze catastrophic property exposures by individual client locations faster and with greater precision. This facilitates more effective post-event planning, response and claims management, as well as enhancing our ability to better prepare our clients for their insurance renewals.

    Michael Andler EVP & Head of U.S. Property Practice, Lockton Companies
  • The tools, data and analytics available through EigenPrism significantly enhance our ability to assess, mitigate and manage the varied and challenging catastrophic risks businesses face today.

    Justin VanOpdorp Chief Analytics Officer, Lockton Companies
  • EigenPrism feels real. You can interact with your data. It's not a static exercise of managing spreadsheets. You can have a relationship with the data and the models.

    Tony Abella, Jr. Area Senior Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
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