Use analytics to accelerate your growth

Make an immediate impact with prospects

Gain a competitive advantage and change the conversation risk managers are used to having with brokers. Generate actionable reports in seconds. With a single click, get a custom, visual and easy-to-understand hazard assessment that’s driven by analytics.

Uncover and address data quality problems

Data analytics and information have never been more important and especially in this tough marketplace. Quickly identify data weaknesses and understand its potential impact on downstream modeling output that drives pricing and retention decisions. You can then prioritize and augment data where it matters most.

Identify protection gaps from under-insured and emerging risks

Conduct program audits using accumulation scenarios for any peril, including emerging risks such as climate change, supply chain disruptions and even pandemics.

Improve retention by increasing customer touchpoints

Continuously monitor and respond to live catastrophic events

Add value during live cat events by staying informed. Automated event notifications provide both early warning and estimated impact within minutes of an event. Armed with this data, you have more ways to engage and delight your clients throughout the year.

Negotiate better terms for your customers

Create more complete submissions during renewals and get to the top of the pile faster. Access reports with complete profile data including exposure summaries and cat analysis. As underwriting requirements tighten, you’ll be one step ahead.

Structure innovative risk retention programs

Explore alternate retention strategies such as parametric covers in context of historical data sets. Run stress tests using realistic scenarios, with full control over simple modeling assumptions in an interactive, visual environment

Expand your global reach

Don’t depend on news bulletins which may not cover the areas your clients or their supply chains are located in. Our global real time alerts help you proactively extend your support to clients across the globe, when they need it the most.

Increase operating efficiency through automation

Move on from spreadsheet-based data management

Streamline how you manage Statements of Value (SoVs) for all your clients. Easily import from disparate data formats, get one-click data profiles to assess quality and changes over time. Share with your colleagues and counterparties easily to create a true system of record, including historical data, that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Deploy automated alerts and reports across your customer base

Automate your alerts to the point where you can be anywhere in the world, anytime of the day, and continue to get notifications of events that may impact your clients. Generate powerful reports in seconds using pre-defined templates and deliver timely, actionable insights.

Create program graphs automatically and reduce errors and omissions

Within minutes, build the insurance program right in the platform. Data visualization helps you easily identify potential gaps and overlaps in program layers and shares, reducing costly errors and omissions. Then, use our built-in financial modeling to show clients how it would respond under different scenarios and uncover new insights.

Improve your claims advocacy and loss control

Ensure clients are fully covered for their losses in the event of a claim. Armed with insightful post-event data, claims advocates can provide more information to adjusters than ever before.

Supercharge your client portal

Enhance the value of your customer facing applications

We have taken care of the technical complexity of catastrophe risk analytics, so you can focus on providing your customers the best possible user experience. Our APIs allow you to integrate our platform’s features like real time catastrophe alerts and visualizations all in your own white-labeled product that lets your brand shine.

Lower your project risk and total cost of ownership

Reduce your project risk by leveraging components we have already built and tested over the past 6 years. Our pricing model scales with usage, so you can pilot with a small group of customers and roll out once you see adoption and value.

Client’s Speak

  • EigenPrism gives us unprecedented access to our latest exposure data, updated daily, as well as a vast library of historical and real-time worldwide events ... the Alert notifications and daily output feeds into critical business decisions - new business suspension, loss prevention services, claims management, reserving, and exposure management.

    Guru Rao Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance Company
  • As a senior claims leader, EigenAlert allows me to watch the store 24/7, providing great peace of mind.

    Andrew Bake Chief Claims Officer at MGA
  • We needed the latest in risk analytics to empower and inform timely decision making, both for ourselves and for our clients.

    Derek Thrumble
    Derek Thrumble Managing Partner, Alesco
  • The tools, data and analytics available through EigenPrism significantly enhance our ability to assess, mitigate and manage the varied and challenging catastrophic risks businesses face today.

    Justin VanOpdorp Chief Analytics Officer, Lockton Companies
  • We have seen first-hand how the [EigenPrism] platform enables our brokers and consultants to analyze catastrophic property exposures by individual client locations faster and with greater precision. This facilitates more effective post-event planning, response and claims management, as well as enhancing our ability to better prepare our clients for their insurance renewals.

    Michael Andler EVP & Head of U.S. Property Practice, Lockton Companies

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