M 7.8 Earthquake – New Zealand

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A M 7.8 earthquake occurred in New Zealand near the town of Amberley, about 95km northeast of Christchurch just after midnight local time. More details can be found in this BBC report and at the USGS website. Numerous aftershocks are being felt, and a tsunami was reported.

USGS shakemaps, for both the M 7.8 earthquake and several aftershocks, are available within the EigenPrism real-time event catalog. EigenAlert subscribers are receiving automated event notifications, showing the number of impacted locations, impacted TIV and estimated loss for their portfolio or program.

Users should note that this event shows up as M 7.4 in our alerts because this was the original estimated magnitude, which the USGS subsequently updated on their site. However, this change does not impact our analysis results.

For access to our real time event catalog or for help setting up your alerts, please contact EigenPrism Support or call us at +1 734 985 0260.

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