Hurricane Lane rainfall summary

 In Event News

The rainfall summary for Hurricane Lane is now available in EigenPrism with the precipitation total footprint.

  • Contains satellite-based precipitation totals over a 5 day period between Aug. 22 -27
  • Based on data from the Hourly Hydro-Estimator at 4.5 Km resolution

Post-event impact analysis can be performed using both the precipitation and the past maximum wind footprints.

Assessing the impact

Hurricane and flood alert notifications that allow custom thresholds result in targeted information sent when you need it, helping reduce the noise and producing actionable analytics.

And for post-event analysis, automated Impact Reports are available in EigenPrism.

EigenPrism allows users to select the perils most applicable to their exposure sets, and then set customized thresholds appropriate for each peril and exposure set. Thresholds can be set using a variety of metrics, including number of assets, impacted values, ground up loss, and damage factors. The result is smart Alerts that assess the impact for you, and let you know when it is time to act.

  • EigenAlerts provide automated notifications with key metrics to estimate impact
  • Customized and mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

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