Stale Exposure Data? You need Dynamic Exposure Management

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A fast growing startup insurance company was using EigenAlerts to stay ahead of potential catastrophic events including wind, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail and other perils.

However, the Portfolio Manager became concerned that he did not have the most current view of risk to his portfolio. Not only did this impact the accuracy of alert notifications, but stale portfolio data was reducing the value of all downstream analytics and modeling.

Solution: Dynamic Exposure Management

A process review found that exposure data was being maintained inside their catastrophe modeling database, which revealed several issues:

  • Inefficiency – considerable human resources required to update and maintain the database
  • Stale data – exposure data was only refreshed on an ad hoc basis
  • Not fit for purpose – catastrophe modeling database was not designed as a system of record
  • Data errors – data errors were introduced when manually adding and endorsing accounts, and as the database size grew, crashes became more frequent

Clearly, the company required an exposure management system that would be;

  1. Automated – to reduce the manual workload and eliminate many of the errors,
  2. Dynamic – to provide management information needed to make accurate, timely business decisions, and
  3. Scalable – to handle their fast rate of growth.

EigenRisk worked with the insurer’s IT and modeling teams to automate a weekly exposure data feed directly into EigenPrism. The Portfolio Manager now has access to all in-force, expired and future-bound policies in a single environment, and can run portfolio analyses on any snapshot in time, or generate reports comparing any two exposure snapshots on the fly.

EigenAlerts are automatically run against in-force policies, with the correct endorsements captured.

The portfolio can also be exported as needed for modeling; and reports for exchanging data with counter-parties can be generated in an instant.

With EigenPrism, this fast-growing company now has a true system of record for exposure data, providing a dynamic view of the in-force portfolio. The company’s overall efficiency, accuracy and scalability have dramatically improved.

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