Make smarter strategic decisions with geo-visualization and analytics

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Enjoy peace of mind
with 24/7 catastrophe monitoring

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Respond with speed and precision after major Catastrophes

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Make smarter strategic decisions with geo-visualization and analytics

Prioritize vulnerable locations for risk mitigation investments

Know which locations should be a priority when allocating budget for risk planning. Where should you invest more – in engineering or loss control? How will severe weather and climate change impact a specific location? Our platform helps you make more confident business decisions.

Simulate financial impact from historical and what-if scenarios

Put the cost-benefit program analysis into your own hands. Easily run financial stress tests to view how catastrophic events would impact your insurance costs. For instance, analyze retention sensitivity by simulating more than 100 years of historical hurricane loss events.

Improve business continuity planning including impact of supply chains

Develop historical and alternative loss scenarios, to plan best actions for ongoing operations. Determine impact on company assets, employees and supply chains. Generate supplier hazard profiles and identify areas of high geographic concentration of risk.

Insurance renewals

Risk pools and captives. Quickly identify data quality issues that could have an impact on insurance pricing during renewals. We help you find out, for example, if your location coordinates are inaccurate, or give you more info about potential hazards zones. This can result in lower premiums.

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 catastrophe monitoring

Receive actionable real time forecasts for global events

Targeted location-level forecasts, with actionable information via email, SMS or mobile notifications, allow you to mobilize resources faster and with more confidence. We help you extend your support across the globe, make more effective decisions and communicate to stakeholders with more confidence

Ensure the safety of people while keeping operations going as needed

The event alert system gives you the ability to tell when a particular asset, including those of your suppliers, is in line of a particular catastrophic event footprint. You can now proactively reach out to the facility and ensure the correct measures are in place to ensure safety and minimize operation disruptions.

Respond with speed and precision after major Catastrophes

Deploy resources more efficiently

Better allocate limited resources for handling claims and recovery efforts after an event. Our platform can tell you, for instance, the Top 10 locations impacted by an event based on estimated losses. Our automated post-event impact reports include high resolution footprints and satellite images to assess potential damage.

Estimate financial impact earlier

Be more confident in your initial loss estimates and report them faster to key stakeholders, instead of waiting days for damage estimates to come in. Within minutes of an event, get estimates of the financial impact on your portfolio of assets from within the platform.

Clients Speak

  • EigenPrism gives us unprecedented access to our latest exposure data, updated daily, as well as a vast library of historical and real-time worldwide events ... the Alert notifications and daily output feeds into critical business decisions - new business suspension, loss prevention services, claims management, reserving, and exposure management.

    Guru Rao Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance Company
  • As a senior claims leader, EigenAlert allows me to watch the store 24/7, providing great peace of mind.

    Andrew Bake Chief Claims Officer at MGA
  • We needed the latest in risk analytics to empower and inform timely decision making, both for ourselves and for our clients.

    Derek Thrumble
    Derek Thrumble Managing Partner, Alesco
  • The tools, data and analytics available through EigenPrism significantly enhance our ability to assess, mitigate and manage the varied and challenging catastrophic risks businesses face today.

    Justin VanOpdorp Chief Analytics Officer, Lockton Companies
  • We have seen first-hand how the [EigenPrism] platform enables our brokers and consultants to analyze catastrophic property exposures by individual client locations faster and with greater precision. This facilitates more effective post-event planning, response and claims management, as well as enhancing our ability to better prepare our clients for their insurance renewals.

    Michael Andler EVP & Head of U.S. Property Practice, Lockton Companies

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