Manage your Exposure Accumulations Proactively

Geo-visualize in-force, historical and forecasted portfolio views on the fly

Easily pinpoint drivers of risk and where your exposures are growing across a portfolio, on-demand. Quickly perform complex analytics on your portfolios with just a few clicks. Our APIs make it easy for you to automate data input as often as you like. This gives you the freedom to stop relying on stale data, so you have a current view of risk.

Identify unforeseen accumulations of risk

Identify exposed limit accumulations across your portfolio for different what-if scenarios and integrate into your underwriting process. Always ensure you’re in line with your strategy, even as business scales.

Automate your underwriting analytics

Evaluate submissions faster and with deeper, more actionable insights. EigenPrism eliminates the need to use multiple tools for data management, analysis, reporting and visualization. Integrate with your existing systems using our APIs for a more efficient workflow.

Quantify event impact in near real time

Receive specific, actionable alerts for all major perils from 25+ sources

Be more informed before, during and after an event. Our alerts give you specific and actionable information for each impacted account and asset. Customize alerts so you are notified only when, say, there’s probability of a claim. Now you can stop relying on weather reports and start relying on analytics.

Set smarter underwriting moratoriums

Be smarter about moratoriums as catastrophic events unfold. For example, find out the probability of a single zip code being impacted by high wind speeds. This type of granular data allows you to continue to write business when others stop

Estimate Financial losses earlier and reduce loss creep

Be more confident in your initial loss estimates and report them faster. Within minutes of an event, get estimates of the financial impact on a portfolio from within the platform.

Respond with speed and precision after major catastrophes

Deploy Loss Adjusters more efficiently

Better allocate limited resources after an event. Our platform can tell you, for instance, the Top 10 locations impacted by an event. You’ll be able to identify where to send loss adjustors, how many you might need, and more. This helps reduce loss adjustment expenses.

Unlock the value of your claims data

Geo-visualize your claims as they develop, in context of available event observations and modeled loss estimates. Identify trends, drivers and anomalies, and use these insights to inform your strategic planning and mitigation efforts.

Supercharge your client portal

Enhance the value of your customer facing applications

We have taken care of the technical complexity of catastrophe risk analytics, so you can focus on providing your customers the best possible user experience. Our APIs allow you to integrate our platform’s features like catastrophe alerts and visualizations all in your own white-labeled product that lets your brand shine.

Lower your project risk and total cost of ownership

Reduce your project risk by leveraging components we have already built and tested over the past 6 years. Our pricing model scales with usage, so you can pilot with a small group of customers and roll out once you see adoption and value.

Clients Speak

  • EigenPrism gives us unprecedented access to our latest exposure data, updated daily, as well as a vast library of historical and real-time worldwide events ... the Alert notifications and daily output feeds into critical business decisions - new business suspension, loss prevention services, claims management, reserving, and exposure management.

    Guru Rao Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance Company
  • ...I asked how long it would take for the office to create an Excel data profile comparing year-over-year changes in TIV, and they said “at least 2 hours”.  This came from someone who is very organized and good with Excel. They were ecstatic that Eigen Profiles only takes a single button click and about 2 minutes to automatically generate the comparative reports and maps.  This could be a significant time saver for the team while producing a better work product.

    Analytics Manager at top 10 Broker
  • ...I wanted to let you know the report related to hail at each of our stores has been invaluable! It was very well received in London by our insurance underwriters, and the report has formed the foundation for our capital plan for adding hail tents to 33 stores that, according to your analysis, fall into areas of high risk.

    Risk Manager for Top Auto Retailer
  • I'm sure you've heard about the Montana EQ. While it doesn't appear to be devastating, it's an excellent example of how quickly the Prism notifications are generated. The below notification was automatically sent at 2:04 AM this morning, about 15 minutes after the event. Quite impressive.

    Analytics Manager at top 10 Broker
  • Lockton leverages the power of EigenPrism to make our clients' businesses better in the face of disaster.

    Mark Moitoso National Analytics Practice Leader, Lockton Companies
  • We needed the latest in risk analytics to empower and inform timely decision making, both for ourselves and for our clients.

    Derek Thrumble
    Derek Thrumble Managing Partner, Alesco
  • The EigenRisk team share our passion for leveraging advances in risk analytics to really empower and inform timely decision-making, whether our own, our clients or that of our markets, and we’ve been impressed by their collaborative approach. EigenPrism addresses a gap in the market for large corporate and multinational accounts which require an efficient and timely analysis of their exposure to natural catastrophes and we look forward to working with the team.

    Derek Thumble Managing Partner, Alesco Risk Management Services Limited
  • Prism is the idea front end analytics platform, empowering real-time property analytics packaged in an intuitive format. Using Prism, we engage with clients in an interactive manner to optimize and tailor their insurance program, while also responding proactively to loss events anywhere in the world.

    Analytics Manager
  • EigenPrism feels real. You can interact with your data. It's not a static exercise of managing spreadsheets. You can have a relationship with the data and the models.

    Tony Abella, Jr. Area Senior Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • The tools, data and analytics available through EigenPrism significantly enhance our ability to assess, mitigate and manage the varied and challenging catastrophic risks businesses face today.

    Justin VanOpdorp Chief Analytics Officer, Lockton Companies
  • We are now able to help our clients visualize and model their exposure to CAT loss from an extensive library of historical footprints; not just what the ‘closed box’ models give us. Notably, we can develop ‘what if’ scenarios to loss, enabling us to alert our clients of potential losses to impending and real-time events. In turn, that will help facilitate faster and more focused responses.

    Dave Marcus Area Chairman, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • We have seen first-hand how the [EigenPrism] platform enables our brokers and consultants to analyze catastrophic property exposures by individual client locations faster and with greater precision. This facilitates more effective post-event planning, response and claims management, as well as enhancing our ability to better prepare our clients for their insurance renewals.

    Michael Andler EVP & Head of U.S. Property Practice, Lockton Companies

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