Supercharge your applications, workflows and client portals with lower costs and less risk.

Meeting Your Needs

Building analytics applications in-house & manual data management can be challenging:

  • Going from in-house tools to production applications comes with risks and costs
  • Difficult to keep up with evolving technology, data formats and new sources
  • Performance and scalability comes at a premium
  • Manual exposure data management results in stale datasets used for analytics, alerts and accumulation monitoring
  • Manual errors are often undetected until too late
  • Analysts’ time is not optimized (“grunt work”)


With EigenPrism, you can:

  • Refresh EigenPrism automatically with data from your source systems
  • Augment your own applications and client portals with our analytics, reportng and alerts via RESTful APIs
  • Leverage EigenPrism’s secure authentication framework


Leverage EigenPrism APIs:

  • Make decisions based on the latest exposure data & accurate downstream analytics
  • Significantly reduce the cost and implementation time for your analytics initiatives
  • Improve your brand by supercharging your client portals
  • EigenPrism gives us unprecedented access to our latest exposure data, updated daily, as well as a vast library of historical and real-time worldwide events ... the Alert notifications and daily output feeds into critical business decisions - new business suspension, loss prevention services, claims management, reserving, and exposure management.

    Guru Rao Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance Company

Get true real-time analytics by automating data movement between your systems and EigenPrism.

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