Real-time Event Response

Be more informed before, during and after an event. EigenAlert event notifications deliver specific and actionable information, so there’s no more guesswork.

Meeting Your Needs

Clients identified these challenges:

  • What current events – and news headlines – are impacting my specific insurance program or portfolio?
  • Which specific locations are likely to be impacted?
  • Do I have global coverage for all perils, including tracking supply chain risk?
  • How can I mitigate potential losses, and mobilize my claims team proactively?
  • What are my estimated losses, based on current exposures, not last quarter’s modeling report?


The EigenAlert solution includes:

  • Real time event feeds with global coverage of major perils (windstorm, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail, wildfire and landslide)
  • Automated event notifications provide the estimated impact on your portfolio within minutes of an event
  • Fully integrated within the EigenPrism platform, allowing you to run what-if scenarios on active events and conduct post-event deep dives, including near misses


EigenPrism workflow:

  • Fast, relevant reports on your desktop, or with our mobile app
  • Avoid last-minute fire drills to identify exposure data and event footprints
  • Integration with claims optimizes resource deployment



  • I'm sure you've heard about the Montana EQ. While it doesn't appear to be devastating, it's an excellent example of how quickly the Prism notifications are generated. The below notification was automatically sent at 2:04 AM this morning, about 15 minutes after the event. Quite impressive.

    Analytics Manager at top 10 Broker

Automated event notifications delivering the information you need immediately before, during and after a natural catastrophe. As the news is breaking, you’ll have answers to the critical questions stakeholders are asking.

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