Designed for the specific needs of the insurance and risk management community, the EigenPrism platform incorporates the latest high performance computing technology. The computational engine combines an extensible data format with powerful geo-visualization, analytics, modeling and reporting capabilities.


 In 2016, EigenPrism won the
Business Insurance Innovation Award

With EigenPrism, you can focus on the business of risk management – rather than software and hardware management – by leveraging the speed and scalability characteristics of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The platform architecture was built to secure data at-rest and in-transit, while ensuring that access is subject to strict authorization controls through rigorous checks and balances.

Access risk analytics in a common data and computational framework, where performance, extensibility and transparency are core characteristics.

Collaboration is the norm, rather than separate tools and processes;

  • Share data, analysis settings and reports with a few clicks
  • Avoid redundancy and errors by  ensuring a “single source of truth” for data and relevant analytics

The following pages – Data, Analytics, Modeling and Alerts – describe the value and benefits offered in each module:

  • Store, manage and visualize all of your exposure data in one place
  • Capture and update data incrementally to present the most current view of risk
  • Move from “prepare-model-analyze-justify” to a more natural “question-answer-follow-up question-answer” approach
  • Modular analytics framework
  • Leverage an extensive library of models from the public domain as well as our modeling partners
  • Easily deploy and share your own models
  • Stay prepared before, during and after catastrophic events.


Retire legacy tools


Get real-time analytics via integration


Plug in models & components


Global event coverage