What Our ISO 27001 Certification Means to Our Customers and Partners

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The internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 certification represents the gold standard in how companies manage and protect information assets. For EigenRisk stakeholders, our recently awarded ISO certification means a continued commitment to cyber risk management and the safety of your data.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Information Security

When we started EigenRisk in 2014, we understood the importance of cyber risk management. So from the very start, we put security first. And, as time went on, our data security practices have evolved. 

Since then, concerns of data privacy and security have escalated with more data being moved to the cloud, the complexity of technologies, and sophistication of threats.

The regulatory environment has evolved in response. Around the world, regional, national, and even state- level regulations are being implemented to protect people and companies’ information. Additionally, the shift to working from home due to COVID-19 has increased the need for a broad approach to cybersecurity operations.

Even though ISO Certification is not typical for an early-stage company such as ours, we knew that it was the logical next step to prove our commitment to cybersecurity and to bring peace of mind to our customers and partners.

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification is a big milestone for us. The certification:

  • Levels the playing field:

For companies around the globe that require vendors to follow rigorous industry standards, the ISO 27001 Certification demonstrates that EigenRisk is a trustworthy partner to do business with. We adhere to the same information security standards as the largest companies in the world.

  • Reinforces a culture of security:

ISO provides a framework, including continuous training of our people and to build information security into everything we do, no matter what the circumstances. As regulations change, work conditions change and threats emerge, this framework will help keep us operating with people, processes and technologies that exceed the cybersecurity requirements and high expectations of our clients, our partners and ourselves.

3 Ways Our ISO Certification Benefits You, Our Stakeholders

The ISO 27001 information security management certification shows that we continuously identify risks and proactively put in place the right controls to mitigate them. Our customers and partners will now enjoy an added layer of confidence in our security measures.

Minimize Risk Exposure:

Within the ISO standards framework, we are constantly working to reduce the risk of your data being compromised. We deploy state-of-the-art infrastructure and networks, data encryption at rest and in transit, and develop our applications to meet or exceed industry standards for SaaS. And, we subject our applications and ourselves to audit and review to ensure that we adhere to the best practices available today and in the future.

Offers Consistency

With our documented processes using the ISO framework, customers can rely on consistency in the delivery of our technology and services. ISO is not just a one-time certification, it’s a framework that continuously evolves and improves upon itself for years to come. 

Improves Satisfaction

As we build the industry’s most-complete platform to manage catastrophe risk, our people, processes, and technology are being guided by the gold standard in information security. That means an even better customer experience.

Going through the process of becoming ISO certified and maintaining that certification gives EigenRisk a structured framework to manage and minimize risk exposure, protecting our customers and our partners by enhancing our processes and technology. 

And, the ISO framework allows us to improve over time as we continuously strive to implement state-of-the-art practices in information security across all our systems. 

In short: The ISO certification complements our ongoing efforts to information security as it relates to our business, our clients and our partners. When you work with EigenRisk, you not only get access to the world’s most-complete platform to manage global catastrophe risk, but you also get peace of mind knowing that we have  sustainable practices for information security now and in the future.

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