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You follow the weather news, but do you know when to respond? The problem with weather news is that we are inundated with notifications and reports. For the insurance and risk management community, the abundance of weather news and data feeds results in a stream of information that must be filtered, examined for applicability and overlaid on exposure data. This weekend promises to be a good example of how too much of a good thing – such as weather data – can be overwhelming.

Super Typhoon Maria is a large and powerful storm currently moving over the Philippine Sea. Over the next 3-5 days, the storm will move towards Japan and China, with landfall in eastern China expected by the middle of next week. The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued its highest level alert, and evacuations are underway in the southern Ryukyu Islands.

Along with torrential rain and hurricane force winds, this storm system will surely generate frequent weather updates and notifications. And in addition to Super Typhoon Maria in the Pacific, there are currently two active systems in the Atlantic, which will increase the potential for information overload this weekend.NHC Atlantic tropical weather outlook July 6 2018Hurricane Beryl is expected to weaken as it approaches the Antilles, while the low pressure system may strengthen into a tropical depression, creating a possible threat to North Carolina over the next two days.

Assessing the impact

Hurricane alert notifications that allow custom thresholds will result in targeted information sent when you need it, helping reduce the noise and producing actionable analytics. EigenPrism allows users to select the perils most applicable to their exposure sets, and then set customized thresholds for each peril and exposure set Alert. Thresholds can be set using a variety of metrics, including number of assets, impacted values, ground up loss, and damage factors. The result is smart Alerts that assess the impact for you, and let you know when it is time to act.

EigenPrism subscribers who set windstorm Alerts will have already received automated impact estimates for Super Typhoon Maria and Hurricane Beryl via text and email; a Quick Link for Super Typhoon Maria has also been provided to all users. Please just click here to email us if you need help setting Alerts, or with further event analysis.

  • EigenAlerts provide automated notifications with key metrics to estimate impact
  • Customized and mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

Arrange a live demo

Not a subscriber, but want to see how this works? Contact us and we’ll set up a live demo to show you how EigenPrism helps you plan, monitor and respond to nat cat events.

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