Typhoon Yutu

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Update October 30, 2018 – Typhoon Yutu made landfall in Luzon, northern Philippines, last night. The storm, a high category 1 equivalent, is now moving into the South China Sea.

Typhoon Yutu has weakened considerably from super-typhoon status last week, and is now equivalent to a category 2 Atlantic hurricane as it moves towards landfall in the northern Philippines, near Luzon.

Our data partner, Metcon, has provided the following update:

Typhoon Yutu remains a well organized typhoon, poised to strike eastern Luzon as a CAT 2 Typhoon later today. The system has weakened since yesterday, but still remains a strong CAT 2 strength storm. According to the JTWC, only slight weakening is expected before landfall as a favorable environment is in place. Little change in the track has occurred since yesterday. The strongest winds will be along the eastern coast along the track and to the north of the track. Manila is at the south edge of the TS winds. The high rugged mountains of Luzon will weaken Typhoon Yutu to TS strength as the system crosses the region, where heavy rains and steep terrain will create mud slides and flooding across much of central and eastern Luzon and favored regions of western Luzon.

As of October 29 (top image), the Joint Typhoon Warning Center’s satellite imagery shows the change in the storm, compared to October 26  (lower image):

Typhoon Yutu 10-29-2018


Typhoon Yutu October 26 2018

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