Tropical Storm Cristobal update

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Tropical Storm Cristobal, after bringing heavy rain and flooding to Central America and Mexico, is moving across the Gulf of Mexico with expected landfall in Louisiana by Sunday evening.

Officials at the National Hurricane Center are warning that winds and storm surge in advance of Cristobal’s landfall could extend from Louisiana to Florida, including the Panhandle and Tampa Bay, while tropical storm-force winds may extend inland to New Orleans.

Life-threatening storm surge remains possible along the Florida Big Bend and in other portions of southern and southeastern Louisiana where a Storm Surge Watch is in effect.

National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Cristobal forecast discussion

Assessing the impact

  • Impact Summary Report:
    • To view all Tropical Storm Cristobal event footprints in the impact summary report, open the ‘SAMPLE Cristobal 2020 Forecast Impact Summary’ (updated to include latest wind and rainfall outlooks as well as the Storm Surge Potential footprint)
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Please note, as report templates are frequently updated, you can refresh the report by changing the Analysis Date. See instructions here.

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