Tennessee Tornadoes Cause Widespread Damage

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A powerful storm system producing multiple tornadoes swept through Tennessee early on Tuesday morning. Due to severe damage, including loss of life, property damage and power outages, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency declared a level 3 state of emergency.

While damage surveys are underway, the National Weather Service reported damage equivalent to EF-3 (Enhanced Fujita scale), indicating wind speeds in the 136-165 mph range.

The National Weather Service also said tornadoes were reported along a 145-mile stretch, from Camden just after 11 p.m. CT, through Nashville after midnight, and into the Cookeville area in Putnam County shortly before 2 a.m.

EigenPrism subscribers can use the following real-time event sets to assess the estimated impact of the Tennessee tornadoes:

Damage footprints, based on data from the NWS damage surveys are not yet available for the Tennessee tornadoes, however the preliminary damage path for Bibb County, Alabama, is available.

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