Swiss Re Corporate Solutions use EigenPrism APIs

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We’re delighted that the Swiss Re Corporate Solutions team selected EigenRisk as their partner to deliver enhanced capabilities through PULSE, their online client portal.

EigenPrism APIs deliver real-time nat cat event notifications to PULSE customers, ensuring each customer has the information they need, at the right time.

PULSE is an online platform that allows you, and your broker, to monitor and manage your insurance programme from one secure place. It combines several aspects of your insurance programme onto one easy-to-use platform and gives you access to real-time information. You can review your policy, track premium payments, submit loss notifications, monitor claims, track progress of a risk improvement and much more.

Risk managers not knowing that a catastrophe has occurred on their premises is history! Our most recent update offers real-time natural catastrophe event notifications for customers with exposures around the world. The automated event alerts give the estimated impact for each customer within minutes of it occuring. Enabled in partnership with EigenRisk, this feature bridges technology, data and knowledge to add to our customers’ peace of mind.

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