Severe storm outbreak central US May 17-19 2019

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A severe storm outbreak is impacting the central US this weekend, with damaging winds, hail and many tornado reports from Texas and Oklahoma.

The 24-hour hail swath is shown above, with significant hail impacting Texas.

For insight into how these severe storms may impact your assets and portfolios, significant severe outlooks for hail, tornadoes and wind are available in EigenPrism, along with 24-hour hail swaths, tornado damage survey footprints, individual tornado reports, 24-hour consolidated tornado reports and 24-hour rotational tracks.

EigenPrism users can access the 24-hour rotational track footprint shown above through this QuickLink; EigenPrism 3.0 beta users can use this link.

Assessing the impact

EigenAlerts provide automated notifications with key metrics to estimate impact:

  • Customized and mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

Subscribers who have set Alerts will receive email and text notifications detailing the estimated impact on their exposure. Quick links have also been provided to our customers.

Contact us if you want to use EigenAlerts immediately; you can be up and running in a day if you have data in standard cat model or spreadsheet format.