Post Event Impact Analysis for Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma post event impact analysis – data and quick links now available

As Tropical Storm Irma moves inland through Georgia and Alabama, the risk management community’s focus is shifting to tallying the damage, and processing claims. (See the Hurricane Irma post event impact analysis for storm surge advisories below.)

EigenPrism can help facilitate your Hurricane Irma post event impact analysis. Here are some of the analyses you can now perform:

  • Estimate observed maximum wind speeds for your locations
  • Identify locations potentially impacted using preliminary flood extent maps*, courtesy of JBA
  • New Feature – overlay latest NOAA post-event imagery on map
  • New Feature – export impacted location data to xls with one click

Quick links are provided to subscribers for one-click access (the link will overlay the footprint on your exposures).

The NOAA post event imagery currently contains images for 2 areas; from Englewood south through Naples to Marco Island, and Key West. As new areas become available, the images will automatically be updated in EigenPrism.

Rapidly changing storm surge advisories – real-time notifications

As the event unfolded, both the storm track and the expected amount of storm surge underwent significant changes.

The two images shown below compare the first and last storm surge advisories, using our standard demonstration data set:

  1. on the left – the earliest storm surge advisory – NOAA Advisory #034, issued September 7
  2. on the right – the last storm surge advisory issued while Irma was at hurricane strength – NOAA Advisory #049, issued September 11

As Irma moved closer to landfall, the area covered by the Advisories changed and the estimated loss metrics for the demo data set increased. The increase was driven by both the number of locations and the value per location within the Advisory footprints; the location count doubled while the estimated ground up loss increased by more than 60%.

Hurricane Irma post event analysis - storm surge advisory comparison


*Flood extent maps do not provide flood depths. To analyze using flood depths, the JBA flood footprint is available within EigenPrism; please contact to arrange your access with JBA.

JBA Risk Management is a leading provider of natural hazard modelling services. The firm was named London Market Risk Modeller of the Year (at the 2017 Reactions London Market Awards) for their pioneering approach to flood risk assessment.