New Real Time Event Sets for Severe Thunderstorms

 In Event News

To facilitate post event analysis of this week’s severe weather outbreak in the Midwest, we’ve added 2 new real time event sets:

  • Low level rotational tracks (Beta) from NOAA’s National Severe Storm Lab (NSSL)
  • Maximum Expected Size of Hail Swaths (Beta) from NSSL

The new event sets can be used to identify locations where potential claims may arise, and to quickly generate preliminary loss estimates.

Please note, these events sets are being released as Beta because we are still validating the automated data feeds against ground observations and claims information. There are also some known artifacts typical for this type of data set, so please use with appropriate care and as always, all feedback is welcome.

The event sets can be found in the real time event catalog (Severe Thunderstorm peril category).

Please contact us with any questions.