New Event Set for Political Violence

 In EigenPrism Updates

ACLED data is now available as a beta release in EigenPrism’s real-time event catalog.

Events reported include battles, explosions, incidents of remote violence, as well as violence against civilians, riots, protests and non-violent strategic developments.

EigenPrism subscribers opting for ACLED’s data sets can be notified automatically when any of their assets, insured properties, operations or trading partners is located within a defined proximity of a reported event.

EigenRisk is providing complimentary access to these new alerts through March 15, 2021 to all subscribers using the EigenPrism platform. Please contact EigenPrism Support to continue your subscription beyond this date, or if you have any questions regarding alerts.

Described below are two sets of instructions; the first is on how to set alerts for these new event sets, and the second describes how to access the political violence event maps in the real-time catalog.

Set Up Alerts For Political Violence Risks

As with all our alerts, you can set specific thresholds to determine when to be alerted, based on proximity zone, fatalities, event type or impacted exposed values. Each alert will include source, actors, location, fatalities and other relevant information.

Step 1:  Navigate to the Alerts module by clicking on the Alerts icon on the left side of your dashboard, and then click on Manage Alerts in the top right side of the Alerts Module page.

Step 2:  Click on the exposure you want to set the alerts for and select the peril – Terrorism and Political Violence. Click the bell icon to enable event sets and set the alerts to receive EigenAlerts by Email, SMS, or in the platform itself.

Access Political Violence Risk Footprints in Real-Time Event Catalog

Step 1. In the Exposure Analytics module, open the Real-Time Event Catalog and set the peril filter to ‘Terrorism and Political Violence’. Next, select an event set from the drop down menu and click apply. The list of available footprints for that event set will appear.

Step 2. Select a footprint and click apply; the footprint will be overlaid on your exposure.


The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) is a leading provider of real-time data and analysis on political violence and protest around the world. Practitioners, researchers, journalists, and governments depend on ACLED for the latest reliable information on current conflict and disorder patterns. To learn more, visit