M 7.5 earthquake strikes Palu

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A M 7.5 earthquake struck Palu this morning, following several tremors overnight, including one at M 6.1.

The massive earthquake this morning was relatively shallow, with a depth of 10km. According to the USGS:

Shallow earthquakes of this size can often have a deadly impact on nearby communities. Historically, this region has hosted several large earthquakes, with fifteen events of M 6.5 and larger within 250 km of the September 28th earthquake over the preceding century. The largest of these was a M 7.9 earthquake in January 1996, about 100 km to the north of the September 28, 2018 event … the September 28, 2018 event was preceded by a series of small-to-moderate sized earthquakes over the hours leading up to this event; the USGS located 4 other earthquakes of M 4.9 and larger in the epicentral region, beginning with a M 6.1 earthquake three hours earlier and just to the south of the M 7.5 event. There has also been an active aftershock sequence, with ten events of M 4.7 and larger in the three hours following this earthquake. The largest aftershock in this timeframe was M 5.8, about 12 minutes after the M 7.5 earthquake.

Shaking from the tremors was felt in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; and a tsunami was triggered after the M 7.5 quake, with wave height estimated at 1.5 to 2 metres.

Assessing the impact

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