M 7.4 Earthquake in Mexico

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A powerful M 7.4 earthquake struck Mexico’s southern Pacific coast this morning, in Oaxaca state, near the resort area of Huatulco. Shaking was felt in Mexico City, and throughout south and central Mexico, as well as in Guatemala.

The epicenter was 7 miles south-southwest of Santa Mari Zapotitlan. The U.S. Geologic Survey reported the quake occurred at a depth of 16 miles, and was a reverse faulting event.

Mexico’s southern Pacific coast has seen several significant earthquakes, with three occurring since 2017 (M 8.2 Chiapas, September 8, 2017, M 7.1 near Mexico City, September 19, 2017, M 7.2 Oaxaca, February 16, 2018). The USGS provided the following discussion of these events relative to today’s earthquake:

The hypocenter of the September 8th, 2017, M 8.2 earthquake offshore Chiapas is located 240 km southwest of today’s earthquake. That event caused at least 78 fatalities and 250 injuries in Oaxaca, and a further 16 deaths in Chiapas. Eleven days later, a M 7.1 earthquake struck closer to Mexico City, 390 km northwest of today’s earthquake, resulting in over 300 fatalities and significant damage in Mexico City and the surrounding region. In February 2018, a M 7.2 struck 225 km to the northwest of this event that injured four people and damaged 1,000 homes in Oaxaca.

USGS, June 23, 2020 Executive Summary

Assessing the impact

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