M 6.4 earthquake in Puerto Rico

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A M 6.4 earthquake struck Puerto Rico early Tuesday morning, the latest and strongest in a series of quakes to impact the island in recent days. Originally reported as M 6.5, the USGS has revised the MMI to 6.4. Aftershocks are expected.

The USGS noted the following commentary on the recent activity:

The preliminary location of this earthquake is within about 12 km of the January 6, 2020, M 5.8 earthquake. Over the past several weeks, hundreds of small earthquakes have occurred in this same region, beginning in earnest with a M 4.7 earthquake late on December 28 and a M 5.0 event a few hours later. Since the M 4.7 event, over 400 M 2+ earthquakes have occurred in this region, 11 of which were M 4+, including today’s M 6.5 event and the January 6th M 5.8. The proximity of these events to Puerto Rico, and their shallow depth, mean that dozens of these events have likely been felt on land, though with the exception of the M 5.8 earthquake and the latest M 6.5, none are likely to have caused significant damage.

Assessing the impact

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