M 6.4 earthquake struck Croatia, widespread damage reported

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A massive earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck central Croatia on Tuesday at 11:19 (local time). The tremors were felt across several neighboring countries- Bosnia/Herzegovina, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Austria.

The extent of casualties is not known but widespread damage near the epicenter in the town of Petrinja and the surrounding area was reported.

Another earthquake, also near Petrinja struck central Croatia with a magnitude of  5.2 at 5:28 (local time), followed by a strong aftershock of magnitude 4.8 after an hour in the same area. It also caused substantial damage to buildings and structures.

Image shown below: M 5.2 earthquake – 8 km W of Petrinja, Croatia 


Assessing the impact

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M 6.4 – 3 km WSW of Petrinja, Croatia

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