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COVID-19 has left conference organizers with stark choices – cancel, postpone, go-ahead, or move online.

InsureTech Connect is known for the buzz it creates. In prior years, the conference has successfully tapped into a sense of community, by bringing together VCs, reinsurers, insurers and brokers. In 2019, with over 7,000 attendees in Las Vegas, ITC was the leading insuretech event.

This year, the question for us was; without a physical venue, how will they keep that sense of community, of connections, in a virtual event? As an insuretech vendor, this question was top of mind as we considered participation in 2020. And the answer we came to was not one we expected back in March; not only will this year’s conference provide the usual connections, it has the potential to be better than ever.

Why attend? (Hint – it’s free)

ITC Global 2020 attendee pass options
ITC Global 2020 attendee pass options

In our view, by removing the physical venue, the ITC team have actually enhanced the opportunity to create connections across industry sectors. If you have always wanted to attend the ITC but haven’t been able to in the past, this is your year. Take advantage of the free pass option and gain access to sessions, content, the Digital Expo Hall and 1:1 meetings.

You can learn, network and connect online, all without getting on a plane and travelling to Las Vegas. The event may lose some of that Las Vegas buzz, but online attendees will gain valuable access to content and people.

We’re levelling up (With the voice of our customers)

Sponsors and exhibitors are also stepping up. To make virtual booths as compelling as possible, insuretech vendors are taking digital marketing to the next level.

At EigenRisk, we’re working on an all new video from Deepak Badoni, President and co-founder, along with downloadable content including ebooks and case studies.

But the feature we’re most excited about is the voice of our customers, recorded during Zoom calls to respect social distancing. Hear directly from our customers what they like about working with EigenRisk, why they selected us from other vendors, and the impact we’ve had on their business.

How to find us at ITC Global

When the conference opens on September 21st, log into the ITC platform and look for the Digital Expo Hall feature on the dashboard. You can filter exhibitors by region (we are in the Americas region) and by category (we’re in the Data & Analytics category).  

At our booth:

  • View videos – EigenRisk profile and the Voice of Our Customers
  • Live chat with co-founders Deepak Badoni and Eduardo Hernandez – with video option
  • 1:1 meetings – can be scheduled in advance (networking app) or on the spot
  • Download ebooks, case studies and more 

Don’t wait – you can always contact us today to reserve a meeting time with Deepak, Eduardo or any member of our team.

Join us on our journey as the ITC goes digital!

Coming Soon – Our Virtual Booth

EigenRisk's ITC Global virtual booth - under construction