Imelda, Humberto, Jerry

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Very active weather this week creates multiple challenges for monitoring and responding to cat events – TS Imelda is creating flooding in Houston and southeast Texas, Humberto is now a cat 3 hurricane heading for Bermuda, and TS Jerry has formed in the Atlantic. And while this year has seen a dramatic reduction in wildfires for California compared to last year, active fires are being closely monitored.

Tropical Storm Imelda

To immediately assess Imelda’s rainfall impact, EigenPrism users can take advantage of the US Flood Impact Summary report. The SAMPLE US Flood Impact Summary Report contains a bundle of flood-related event footprints to provide a comprehensive view of flood risk across the US.

  • The excessive rainfall outlooks show Imelda’s impact on Houston and southeast Texas.

This report can be used at any time (generate, then copy and save with current date to update links) to assess your US flood risk (5-day significant river flood outlook, 1, 2 and 3-day excessive rainfall outlooks, 3 and 5-day precipitation based flood potential).

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Assessing the impact

EigenPrism provides all the tools you need to manage multiple nat cat events in one efficient and cost-effective platform:

  • Notifications – EigenAlerts deliver email and text message with key metrics to estimate impact immediately
  • Actionable Analytics & Reports – Quick links and impact summary reports deliver fast insights in an easy to share format
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