Hurricane Nate

 In Event News

Hurricane Nate – the 14th named storm so far in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season – made landfall in Mississippi as category 1 hurricane this weekend.

Post-event analysis in EigenPrism

To prioritize potentially impacted locations and plan event response, EigenPrism subscribers can follow these steps:

  • Login to EigenPrism as prompted using the QuickLinks provided to subscribers
  • The observed maximum wind speed footprint will load automatically over your most recent exposure set (or select new exposure set)
  •  This event set shows the observed maximum wind-speeds (peak gusts) and can be used for damage estimation
  • In the Top N Assets summary, the values in the Intensity column represent the maximum wind speed for each asset

Hurricane Nate observed max wind speeds per location

  • Damage ratios can be easily customized to refine your loss estimates
  • Move the footprint to answer what-if questions; all metics will immediately re-calculate

Hurricane Nate footprint

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