Hurricane Preparedness Amidst COVID-19

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The week of May 3-9 is Hurricane Preparedness Week in the US.

The Atlantic hurricane season starts from June 1, and the 2020 season is predicted to have a higher than average probability of a major hurricane making landfall on the US coastline.

COVID-19 presents an additional challenge, as hurricane evacuation orders may conflict with social distancing requirements. To help prepare for hurricane season in the midst of uncertainty, we recommend taking 3 key steps in EigenPrism:

  1. Data readiness – ensuring your schedules and portfolios contain current data is the foundation for data-driven decisions. When a storm approaches, viewing up-to-date location information will save valuable time and reduce uncertainty.
  2. Scenario planning – now that your data is current, use the historical and real-time event catalogs to investigate how benchmark events might impact your exposures. Assess the estimated impact of these events, and stress-test programs with what-if scenarios.
  3. Alert thresholds – review your Alert settings, and customize thresholds to set the frequency that reflects your requirements. Click here to see which event sets to choose for hurricanes.

EigenAlerts provide automated notifications via email and text message with key metrics to estimate impact:

  • Customized and mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

Not a subscriber, but want to see how this works? Contact us for your free trial;  and we’ll show you how EigenPrism helps you plan, monitor and respond to nat cat events.

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