Value Of Advanced Modeling Analytics

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ADVISEN FPN – There is so much data available from so many sources and dimensions it’s not relevant to infrequently look at a fixed set of static exhibits when managing insurance risks. Benchmarks, planning, and performance metrics don’t lead to answers, but instead raise better questions – and answering these new questions demands a dynamic risk analytics and data visualization environment.

At EigenRisk, we leverage the latest advances in risk sciences, high-performance computing and big data technology to design a unique way of consuming and collaborating with the risk management community. Our solution, EigenPrism, is the first independent global open-architecture Risk Analytics Platform allowing:

  1. Risk Modelers to build and contribute to a catalogue of models
  2. Our Clients to select the most appropriate data, model, or components – removing “black box modeling”

The paradigm shift will lead to a culture of “risk ownership” as our clients are empowered to make faster more informed decisions in their risk selection, risk transfer and risk management strategy.