Global Coverage of Active Tropical Storms

 In Event News

EigenPrism quick links for all active tropical storms have been enabled, along with updated storm surge extents for Hurricane Irma. The final observed maximum wind speed footprint for Irma is also available.

Northwest Pacific:

  • Typhoon Talim – approaching Japan with high winds, significant rainfall
  • Typhoon Doksuri – made landfall in Vietnam with 80 knot winds, heavy rain

East Pacific:

  • Tropical Depression 15E – could become tropical storm by Saturday
  • Tropical Storm Norma – strengthening as it moves towards Mexico’s Baja peninsula, expected to reach hurricane status Friday night
  • Remnants of Max – weakened after moving inland on Mexico’s west coast

Atlantic storms:

  • Tropical Storm Jose – potential threat to US east coast early next week
  • Tropical Depression 14 – could become a tropical storm late Friday

Hurricane Irma:

Actionable Analytics

EigenAlerts provide automated notifications with key metrics for all events:

  • Customized to your settings, thresholds
  • Mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

If you don’t have access to our real time event catalog or need help setting up your alerts, please contact EigenPrism Support or call us at +1-888-678-7475.