Gatlinburg Wildfire is Tennessee’s Largest in 100 Years

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The Tennessee wildfire has engulfed Gatlinburg and according to Governor Bill Haslam, is the largest fire the state has suffered in the last 100 years:

  • Over 700 buildings damaged or destroyed (400 in Sevier County, 300 in Gatlinburg)
  • As of Thursday at 7 p.m, only 10% of the fire is contained

Regional details and information can be found here.

An updated event footprint for the Gatlinburg wildfire is available in our event catalog.  Users can login at to access this footprint and compute the estimated impact on their portfolios in real time. EigenAlert subscribers will continue to receive automated notifications, specific to their analysis settings.

The images above show:

  • Left: The extent of the Chimney Tops 2 fire
  • Top Right: Close up satellite view showing the city of Gatlinburg completely engulfed by the fire extent
  • Bottom Right: Wildfire Hazard potential map for the US available in EigenPrism

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Our extensive library of real time event feeds now covers major perils including windstorm, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail, wildfire and landslides.

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