Florence creates high inland flood risk for Carolinas, Virginia

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Inland flood risk

The heavy rainfall associated with the slow moving Florence – now a tropical depression – is inundating a large area across South Carolina, North Carolina and into south-west Virginia. The inland flood risk for the entire region will be very high for the next several days, as major river flooding is occurring across much of the Carolinas. It is expected to peak around mid-week at record levels.

For subscribers of KatRisk models within EigenPrism, we now have their latest Florence wind speed, storm surge and inland flood footprints available for your analysis. A custom KatRisk impact report will be shared with you by your customer service representative.

As the storm is still active, all other EigenPrism users can access a combination of post-event and forecast data through automated Impact Report links, and NOAA’s Florence imagery is available as a WMS layer.

The Weather Prediction Center’s Excessive Rainfall Outlook for 09-16-2018 to 09-17-2018 shows the large area at risk from rainfall exceeding the guidelines for flash flooding (the pink area is is high risk, >50% probability):

Assessing the impact

For Hurricane Florence, EigenPrism users have a comprehensive set of event data covering wind, storm surge and rainfall. They can select the perils most applicable to their exposure sets, and then set customized thresholds for each peril and exposure set Alert. Thresholds can be set using a variety of metrics, including number of assets, impacted values, ground up loss, and damage factors. The result is smart Alerts that assess the impact for you, and let you know when it is time to act.

  • EigenAlerts provide automated notifications with key metrics to estimate impact
  • Customized and mobile enabled
  • Updated as forecasts and advisories change

And automated forecast Impact Report templates make event analysis available in minutes.

Contact us if you want to use EigenAlerts immediately; you can be up and running in a day if you have data in standard cat model or spreadsheet format.

Arrange a live demo

Not a subscriber, but want to see how this works? Contact us and we’ll set up a live demo to show you how EigenPrism helps you plan, monitor and respond to nat cat events.

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