EigenPrism 2.4 Is Live: EigenProfiles and More

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EigenPrism 2.4 provides the fastest way yet to get key insights into your exposures, allowing you to identify data quality and completeness issues at a glance, and prioritize improvements before running time-consuming models. We’ve also significantly expanded our catalog of scenario events and hazard overlays.

The result is improved access to world-class analytics on the EigenPrism platform. For more details, please see the EigenPrism 2.4 Release Notes in the Help Center, or sign up for the Release 2.4 Webinar (Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 11:30 AM ET).

EigenProfile Module

  • 5155b05a-addc-4cf5-94d8-d5f465e9a331Enhanced module automatically generates detailed exposure profile reports
  • With just a few clicks, you can upload exposure data and access a detailed risk profile report
  • EigenProfile reports can be customized beyond the default template*
  • Viewable on mobile devices
  • You can edit, copy, share, save to PDF and organize multiple reports

Expanded Event / Layer Catalog

5c6eb0a0-3949-4bf9-8050-9d6190c5e429Improved hazard data and historical events are now available for earthquake, US storm surge, global tropical cyclone and US tornado and hail.

Notably, historical earthquake events sourced from the USGS now include the following shakemaps, in addition to MMI:

  • Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA)
  • Peak Ground Velocity (PGV)
  • Peak Spectral Acceleration (PSA) at 3.0, 1.0, and 0.3 second periods


Please contact prism.support@eigenrisk.com with any questions concerning this release.


*Consulting Services fees may apply