Earthquakes strike Greece and Puerto Rico

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Two earthquakes occurred this morning, in Greece and in Puerto Rico.

Both were offshore events; the M 6.6 earthquake in Greece occurred to the south of the island of Crete, while the M 5.5 earthquake off the south coast of Puerto Rico, near the city of Ponce, was one of several smaller quakes to impact the region today. The USGS noted that today’s Puerto Rico event was an aftershock of the January 6th quake in the same region:

This earthquake occurred near the damaging January 6, 2020 magnitude 6.4 earthquake and is an aftershock of that earthquake. The earthquake is part of a vigorous sequence in the same region that has included hundreds of small earthquakes, beginning in earnest with a M 4.7 earthquake late on December 28 and a M 5.0 event a few hours later. The sequence has included six events magnitude 5.5 and larger and over a thousand magnitude 3.0 and larger events.

USGS, May 2, 2020

Assessing the impact

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