Coronavirus time lapse video

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Using USAFacts county-level COVID-19 data, we created this short time-lapse video of the dramatic increase in coronavirus cases in the United States this month, from March 1st to March 30th.

The video shows three different perspectives on the distribution of coronavirus cases in different US Counties, using data from USAFacts:

  • In the map on the left – Confirmed Cases by County – we have mapped the number typically reported in the news and most websites. 
  • In the middle, we visualize Confirmed Cases per Capita to account for the vastly differing population densities between counties.
  • The third map, on the right, shows the Growth of New Cases for counties reporting more than 10 cases. Growth factors greater than 100% suggest steepening growth, while less than 100% suggest a flattening growth curve.

Taken together, these three perspectives provide useful context to assess the relative impact of this pandemic in different US geographies, as it continues to evolve.