Coronavirus cases growth rate available in EigenPrism

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An event set showing the growth rate of new coronavirus cases has been added to EigenPrism’s real-time event catalog, supplementing the confirmed cases event set.

This event set shows the rate of growth of new cases calculated as the change in the most recent 2-day period over the 2-day period ending a day earlier. A growth rate (i.e., the Intensity) of less than 100% signals a declining growth rate, while a growth rate constantly above 100% could signal uncontrolled growth.

The associated event footprints (for confirmed cases and for growth rate) are available for use in EigenAlerts, EigenProfile Impact Summary reports, and in Exposure Analytics for complete analysis, and enable EigenPrism users to manage pandemic risk, by applying a geospatial layer over a schedule or portfolio of insured assets (property, employees or other).

Key Features Include:
  • Daily updates – contains confirmed cases, worldwide, since January 22, 2020.
  • Intensity value – represents number of confirmed cases by best available resolution.
  • EigenAlerts – notifications delivered by email, SMS and available on the mobile app

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This new event set is available to everyone in the EigenPrism free trial for a period of 21 days. Follow three simple steps below to sign-up to EigenPrism:

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  • View the event set : Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases.