Coronavirus cases available by US County

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Data is now available for the number of coronavirus cases at county level in the United States. The following three county-level event sets are now available in EigenPrism’s real-time event catalog.

Please note – these event sets are a Beta feature.

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) US County New Cases Growth (beta) – Shows the rate of growth of new cases by US county over the previous day (smoothed over a 2-day period to handle daily fluctuations), as of March 26, 2020. Growth factors greater than 100% suggest steepening growth while less than 100% suggest a flattening growth curve.

A new impact summary report template has been created, to show both the country level confirmed cases and growth rates, as well as the US county level maps:

  • Generate the impact summary report
  • or, search for “SAMPLE Coronavirus Impact Summary – Country and US County Maps” on the EigenPrism home page, then click Manage > Copy to select your workspace and save with your own exposure.

As report templates are frequently updated, you can refresh the report by changing the Analysis Date. See instructions here.

Resolved – the known issue where all cases for New York City were assigned to New York County (Manhattan) has now been resolved by the data source. When released on Friday, the map was therefore missing Kings County (Brooklyn), Bronx County (The Bronx), Richmond County (Staten Island), and Queens County (Queens). This was resolved overnight and the event sets have been updated.

Key Features:

These footprints allow EigenPrism users to manage pandemic risk in real-time by applying this geospatial layer over a schedule or portfolio of insured locations, or a listing of employees.

The footprints are available for use in EigenAlerts, EigenProfile Impact Summary reports, and in Exposure Analytics for complete analysis.

  • Daily updates
  • Users can set Alerts for notifications (and view in the mobile app)
  • Intensity value represents number of confirmed cases by best available resolution

The number of confirmed cases by country, since January 22, 2020, is reported at the country, state/province or county level. The highest level of reported resolution is used where possible.

Available to all in the EigenPrism free trial

This new event set is freely available to all in the EigenPrism free trial. Simply go to our login page, and create a new account with your company email address. (Please contact us if your company name is not recognized.)