Introducing EigenPrism 3.0

 In EigenPrism Updates
The version 3.0 release improves EigenPrism users’ experience with the following:
  • New Home Page – introducing a quick way to assess all recent alerts and activity, and to access the most relevant objects
  • New EigenAlert module – a new way to set, manage, and to view all triggered Alerts in a live dashboard
  • New Workspaces – improved collaboration and a new sharing framework using private and shared Workspaces
  • Enhanced performance – significant improvements in the speed of loading and analyzing large exposures
  • Other enhancements – the official release of Accumulation Areas page (“Spider” analysis) in EigenProfile

With a very few exceptions, which are intended to take advantage of the new frameworks, the existing functionality will continue to work as it does today.

The planned downtime to deploy the new 3.0 release will be on Saturday (June 15) morning from midnight to 6am EDT. Users will be reminded in advanced and will be informed when the deployment is complete.

Please contact Prism Support with any questions concerning this release.