Open Modeling

Translate the latest science and engineering into operational decision making.

Meeting Your Needs

Traditional modeling is constrained by:

  • High cost of deploying proprietary models in a production setting
  • Difficulty developing own view of risk using ‘black box’ model results
  • Non-modeled lines of business and peril regions impede holistic view of risk
  • Non-standard contract terms & conditions aren’t recognized by supported data formats


With EigenPrism, you can:

  • Deploy models through modeling interfaces
  • High speed model execution framework
  • Adjust models on the fly
  • Leverage public domain and partner-contributed models
  • Model complex contract payout structures


EigenPrism workflow:

  • Significantly reduce the time required deploy models
  • Evaluate multiple models with ease
  • Configure models for use within the organization
  • Collaborate with peers and stakeholders
  • EigenPrism feels real. You can interact with your data. It's not a static exercise of managing spreadsheets. You can have a relationship with the data and the models.

    Tony Abella, Jr.

Get true real-time analytics by automating data movement between your systems and EigenPrism.

To learn more about our open modeling framework, please download our Fact Sheet, or contact us.


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