Dynamic Data Management

Consolidate, manage and visualize all of your exposure and loss data, with our powerful data warehouse

Meeting Your Needs

Issues with traditional workflow include:

  • Multiple formats can be difficult to manage
  • Custom data fields may not be available
  • Static snapshots are quickly out-dated
  • Tiime consuming reporting due to data proliferation, multiple tools
  • Version control


With EigenPrism, you can:

  • Manage all data in a single environment
  • Get started with just a few data attributes
  • Update time-dependent attributes automatically
  • Create analytical entities in one place for use throughout the platform


EigenPrism workflow:

  • Consistent view of risk
  • Rich, visual environment for data management
  • Built-in mapping & analytical tools
  • Fast data import, with the upload utility or by integration with your system of record

Our data integration APIs automate data movement between your systems and EigenPrism, giving you real time exposure data for use in analytics – a very powerful combination.

  • The tools, data and analytics available through EigenPrism significantly enhance our ability to assess, mitigate and manage the varied and challenging catastrophic risks businesses face today.

    Justin VanOpdorp Chief Analytics Officer
To learn more about the features and benefits offered, please download our Fact Sheet.